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With over 28 million unique visitors per month in 2018, the French Amazon market represents a significant sales potential for all foreign sellers. By working with an experienced partner who perfectly masters the French vocabulary, you will be sure to optimize your branding, seduce your visitors thanks to a captivating sales pitch and develop the visibility of your products thanks to a strategic selection of the best keywords.

Amazon French Listing Translation

Benefit from a translation perfectly optimized for the French market, be sure to enhance your products as well as your brand image

Amazon French Listing Copywriting

Seduce your future French customers, play on the emotions, and enhance your products with unique and powerful product descriptions

Amazon French Ads Management

Expand your visibility and allow your future french customers to easily find your products through profitable advertising campaigns that generate results

French Account Management

Let us sustainably increase your sales volumes and your turnover on the French market

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Hi, I’m Tony Dessablons you will have understood it, I am French and I live near Lyon. Today, I accompany French and foreign companies in the development of their sales on Amazon.

The objective of the Amazon marketplace is to provide its customers with lists of relevant products that exactly match the purpose of their research and that systematically turn into purchases. Together, let’s give french Amazon marketplace exactly what it expects by implementing a true marketing strategy centered around 3 performance levers: your product visibility, your conversion rate and your social proof. I would help you enhance your products, set you apart from the competition and turn your visitors into buyers.

I am aware that your situation and your objectives are unique. Let’s discuss this together and now:

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Amazon Product Copywriting

Turn your visitors into buyers with product listings that generate sales.

Amazon PPC Campaigns

Propel your products in the first pages of search results.

Outsourcing Seller Account

Expand your revenue by outsourcing your central Amazon seller account.

Because your situation and objectives are unique, the list of services is not exhaustive, I also propose you to:

Protect your Brand

With Amazon Brand Registry program, protect your brand and your products from copying, remain owner of your content

Enhance your brand

With the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) program, enrich your product sheets, enhance your products and develop your conversion rate

Influence Your Visitors

With customer feedback, influence your visitors and improve your positioning by developing your social proof

Automate your Communication

Industrialize recurring tasks and improve your customer service

Catalogues online

Catalogues online


Get expert guidance and make the right decisions at the right time

Let us discuss together your needs in order to determine together the best strategy:

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